High Voltage

High Voltage


JRC Electrical Services have started a High Voltage division to complement their existing Projects and Maintenance divisions. We have recruited experienced High Voltage staff and purchased state of the art plant & equipment for Level 1 / High Voltage installations. JRC Electrical Services are prequalified contractors for Essential Energy and undertake varied projects for them. The Level 1 & 2 accreditation JRC Electrical services now have achieved will enable us to work in the following fields.



Level 1 Services

JRC Electrical Services is accredited to work on Essential Energy’s high and low voltage networks within the Level 1 accreditation scheme. This enables us to install or upgrade any overhead or underground transmission and distribution systems within Essential Energy’s coverage area and authorised us to maintain private entities, i.e. commercial and industrial facilities, acquiring both transmission and distribution network.

Level 2 Services

JRC Electrical Services is accredited to work on Essential Energy infrastructure within the Level 2 accreditation scheme. This enables us to upgrade power supply to facilities, in addition to updating and installing more efficient metering which allows businesses to accurately track and then improve the efficiency of their power usage.


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